29 Nov

MedVox announces integration of Voice Recognition and Structured Reporting with the OnePacs PACS/RIS/Teleradiology system – Chicago

At RSNA 2015, OnePacs is announcing OnePacs integration of the patented MedVox Report Generator and MedVox Voice Recognition Technology along with their premium web-based PACS/RIS/Teleradiology package. A free three month trial of the product is now available.

Andrew Lee, Director of Innovation at MedVox says, “we feel so confident in the product that we are offering through OnePacs a free 3 month trial of the premium edition of the Report Generator.” The free trial includes unlimited use of the Voice Recognition-driven Report Generator structured report system. The system enables auto-completion of the clinical history, study type, technique, comparisons, and impression sections of radiology reports. Lee continues, “All the radiologist has to do is dictate the findings. The report generator does the rest. Data from DICOM and from technologist input populate the various report data fields, and intelligent templates adjust report content based on dictated findings. All of this in the context of assured ICD-10 and PQRS compliance. This is a game-changer in medical voice recognition and structured reporting.”

Jennifer Chen, Chief Operating Officer at OnePacs agrees that the MedVox technology is a major advance in medical voice recognition. Chen goes on to add, “the fully integrated MedVox voice recognition/structured reporting modules with the OnePacs PACS/RIS platform provides dramatic improvements in the efficiency and quality of radiology reporting.” To sign up for a free trial go to reportgenerator.com

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