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14 Apr

MedVox Voice Recognition deployed at the California State Department of Health’s COVID-19 Specialty Hospital.

In conjunction with the California State Department of Health utilizing the OnePacs PACS/RIS-reporting system at the COVID-19 specialty surge hospital in Los Angeles, MedVox has made available its cloud-based medical Voice Recognition system. The LA Surge Hospital is a temporary facility that offers up to 266 beds dedicated to the care of COVID-19 patients during the current crisis.

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02 Sep

MedVox announces the Report Generator – the next generation of voice recognition-driven medical reporting technology

MedVox announces release of the patented Report Generator system, a revolution in medical reporting. Advanced voice recognition technology with dedicated radiology modules allow radiology reports to be quickly generated with automatic completion of fields such as study history, technique, comparison studies, and impression, based on DICOM data, technologist input, and simple dictation of a list of findings by the radiologist.

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